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Six Flags Chicago: Online Tickets Equal Big Savings

2017 buy online to save

During the Chicago Six Flags season there are a variety of ways to get discount Great America tickets. Oftentimes these coupons and promo codes have expiration dates. However, Six Flags online tickets are sold at a discount from opening day until the end of the regular season.

There are two types of Six Flags ONLINE tickets

  1. Choose Your Day
  2. Any Day

“Choose Your Day” online tickets

Choose Your Day Six Flags tickets must be purchased online at least one day in advance and are only valid for the date selected, but the savings are big – up to $20 off the price of a general admission ticket bought at the park! In addition, when you buy your ticket online, you can skip the ticket booth lines at the park and go straight to the gate.

“Any Day” online tickets

Any Day Six Flags tickets purchased online are valid for any one day throughout the entire regular operating season. Any Day tickets cost less than tickets purchased at the Great America ticket booth at the park and allow you to go straight to the gate.

2017 Great America Ticket Prices *

Chicago Six Flags Tickets at the Park

  • General Admission: $71.99
  • Children under 48″: $51.99
  • Age 2 and under: Free

Chicago Six Flags Online Tickets

Choose Your Day: Pick the date and buy tickets online at least one day in advance and save up to $20 off a general admission tickets. Here are the savings available by date for 2017:

  • April 29-June 18: $20 discount
  • June 19-30: $19 discount
  • July 1-August 13: $15 discount
  • August 14-18: $19 discount
  • August 19 & 20: $16 discount
  • August 21-27: $19 discount
  • September 2-4: $16 discount

Any Day: Buy your ticket online and use it any one day during the regular season and save off the price of a general admission ticket.

  • April 29-September 4, 2017: $13 discount


* Prices listed are accurate at the time of posting and may be subject to change. Please visit sixflags.com for more information and current ticket prices.